Sunday, 11 October 2015

When In Rome - The Promise (lyrics)

It's been a long time, not sure if anyone really uses blogger these days, but, hey ho, no bother, I quite like the fact that only 1 or 2 people swing by my blog once in a while.


had a moment with this song when it was first released in 1988.  I
loved it instantly, and the track soon became lost to me over the years,
then I think the song came into it's own again, when Napoleon Dynamite
used it for the closing scene between him and the girl he adored,
awkward and wonderful to watch, the music kicks in, and it kicks ass! 
Memories of my teenage come flooding back, it's good to be reminded, of
the moments when cinema and music, come together, and are in perfect
harmony, that's when life,  feel soooooo good.

Have a
listen, and maybe watch Napoleon Dynamite, if it's something that you
remember fondly, or just listen to the track, on it's own merrits.

lyrics are so beautiful, and the melody is heavenly, it's so friggin
underrated, I guess it's just one of those tracks, that,  if you happen
to discover it,  by accident, and your like, " this song is BADASS!!!,
why haven't I ever heard it?, or where did I hear it?  It's time to play
it on repeat for a while, until it becomes lost to me again, and

Please ly down, in the privacy of your own company and listen, close your eyes and see where it takes you.

Okay, enough rambling!!  OMG I've written an essay about a song. lol

Just enjoy it.

student days  93